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    Amarna Miller is a sexy spanish redheaded slut! I think she loves cock almost as much as I do! We have Alex Legend at our disposal for all of our dick needs. Check out this threesome with Amarna, Alex and I, especially if you have a thing for foreign girls! OLAY!This is the full scene in MOBILE VERSION.
    Watch MJ practice her lap dance technique on me. We both really started to enjoy it
    Caireen and I get butt naked in the grass and decide to help each other cum w/ our vibrators...
    Deepthroat and gagging while getting my pussy licked
    This video is the next step up from an intense blow job! Not possible? Oh yes it is! Watch me practice deep throwing while water rushes down my face and soaks my white t in the perfect way. Mascara running and all this video will make your dick tingle in the perfect way.. Love it? Rate it! -Custom vid
    Im giving a blowjob when he decides to turn on the camera without me knowing! He catches me deepthroating and licking his cock before he slides into my wet pussy
    I want you to jerk off for me. Get that hard cock out and stroke it until you want to cum so bad. Maybe I let you. Maybe I don't.
    Arinna double fist Annabelle she squirts all over the place So Hot
    ************CUSTOMER WROTE:*****************Perhaps you can wear that in addition to the mask and ride the bike somewhere? Remember, it doesn`t have to bee in a very public place if you`re unsure about this :)
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    No talking, but there is sound. This vid is just me with my pussy pump on, legs spread, enjoying a cigarette like I normally would, while I wait for my pussy to get plump. I love smoking especially while my clit is pulsing inside of the pump so I couldn't resist playing with my nipples a bit too!
    I blow a dildo, finger my pussy, shove multiple buttplugs in my ass, ride a dildo, use a vibrator, and satisfy myself in this 9 minute long video. Super intimate, super close up
    You love me for my brain. Sure you love my body too, but my brain is the icing on the cake. It's the cherry on top. I know how to get into your head and say what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I don't tell you what you want to hear or what you need to hear to get you off. I tell you the truth. I don't lie to you.You don't want some ditzy, fake laughing blonde to tell you how much of a brat she is. You want a real woman to look at you and make you feel this way. You want ME to put you in your place and that is exactly what you get from me.Of course I am great to look at, but it's really my brain that turns you on the most

    Had a great interview with the lovely Nicola Sterling live on Periscope
    A smoking fetish video with 7-10 cigarettes smoked, all lit with matches. Bit of a voyeuristic feel, like I am being watched while smoking in my room late at night, but decide to masturbate while smoking anyway, until I cum. Very sexy
    A good lengthy look at the ass you'll NEVER get to enjoy
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    Gather round and watch as I lather my bush with body wash and take you through the process of what it's like to shave my pussy! I even turn it around and shave my asshole to make sure it's just as soft as the front. A few closeups of my pussy show you just how pink I am underneath all my fur!
    I am sitting in front of my desk, showing you off my soft beautiful hands. I have a new nail polish color on my fingernails, a cute lilac/lavender shade from O.P.I. I let you admire and worship my manicured nails, making you crave for more... * 1920x1080; 3:28 min * This clip includes elements of: HAND FETISH, FINGER NAIL FETISH, FINGER FETISH, NAIL POLISH, MANICURED HANDS, SHORT NAILS
    Watch Rose suck, lick, and deepthroat your huge cock. She gets it nice and wet, making sure your cock is nice and hard before she slides it in her pussy and rides you. She bounces up and down while your cock stretches her little wet pussy, she turns around and let's you watch her ass bounce as she fucks you hard then lays on her side while you fuck her until she cums all over your cock

    What pathetic d!sgrace you are.. I don't even want to look at you, but those girly clothes you have on are just making me laugh. Sit on your pillow and grab a toy. I'll tell you how to hump it. You don't move until I let you! Fucking faggot
    I know you want to kiss every inch of Me don't you? Just look at how Sexy My Body is!! You belong way beneath Me worshiping and adoring every inch of my body non stop. You dream of smashing your face in between My perfect ass! You are so helpless when I tease you sensually. You love everything about Me. Look long and hard at how Beautiful and Superior I am. You just can't resist my sexy body!! I can wrap these long legs around your neck and demand everything I want from you! What a gift it is to be able to kneel beneath Me and prove what a bitch you want to be for Me. *****Clip Features: Goddess Worship, Leg Worship, Body Worship, Ass Worship, Female Domination, Femdom, Sensual Domination, Big Tits, Seductress, Temptress, Redhead, Goddess
    Look at my sexy outfit, don’t you like it? My curves make you so horny, and my cleavage is driving you crazy. Why don’t you stroke for me? I know you want to. Wouldn’t it feel so good to glide your hand up and down your cock, while staring at my perfection? Oh, that’s right! You can’t! You’re locked up in your little cock cage. And for good reason, too! You deserve to be locked up. You’re a dirty little jerkaholic pervert. But I will allow you to do one thing! You can rub yourself over your cage. That isn’t nearly as fulfilling is it? Oh well. Maybe, just maybe, some day I will let you out of your cage and you can squirt all over yourself. But until then, you’re just going to have to deal with being locked up.
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    I am super excited for this video because it is the first video filmed with my new DSLR camera. :) Enjoy the sharpness and sexy macro shots. <3What does glitter have to do with yoga? Absolutely nothing!~ So why not?This video includes sexy shots of rubbing the glitter all over myself, doing whatever yoga poses I could do without slipping and dying on the glittery yoga mat, and then at the end I cum to my hitachi.Music credit: Foria - Break Away -
    Missy Deep is collared and cuffed and is helpless as her former slaves turned gladiators are having their way with her. Hertha is fucking her deep and hard with her 10 inch strap on. In walks Englebert the Court Jester who instead of helping Missy, does his court jester act. Who can save Missy now? A free preview from the upcoming blockbuster feature film release Andromedus XXX from Chazzy Amateurs Productions
    Scarlett has just taken a shower and is getting ready for the day. At her dresser, she sees a pair of panties she doesn't remember owning and tries them on. But as soon as she puts them on, her body freezes up. The only thing she can do is look around and talk, and she is obviously very confused. All of a sudden she can feel a soft vibration on her clit from the panties, and they start moving parts of her body without her control. The panties are possessed and making her play with her hot pussy. Will she be able to stop, or will she give in to the panty's possession?***Custom Video

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